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As part of SAAS (Spanish Association for American Studies), we aim to create a space for early-career scholars. Our activities are aimed at researchers in the early stages of their careers, including master’s and doctoral students, as well as young doctors who have recently defended their theses. 


The Spanish Association for American Studies aims to promote and encourage study and research in all areas of American culture and society. To this end, the association organizes biennial conferences, publishes an annual newsletter, and facilitates scientific and cultural collaboration with national and international colleagues, associations and other institutions. >> Web

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Networking: Why, When, How

Relationships are at the core of human society, and academia is no exception. Somehow, though, this aspect tends to be overlooked. While thorough research is undoubtedly the main concern and merit for academics, building relationships with your colleagues contributes significantly to your success as a scholar. Why? Networking offers much more than having a friendlyContinue reading “Networking: Why, When, How”


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If you are already a SAAS member and you are interested in joining our events and meetings drop us a line: Young_Scholars@saasweb.org or saasyoungscholars@gmail.com
If you are interested in joining the SAAS family check here how to join

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