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Symposium on Academic Writing

The SAAS Young Scholar’s Writing Group has decided to change the format of its writing sessions this semester in pursuit of a more enriching platform from which to improve our academic writing skills. To do so, the monthly writing sessions that we’ve been having will transform, during the upcoming months, into a series of talks in a symposium format. In each of these sessions, a renowned scholar will speak about certain aspects of the writing and editing processes, touching on some of the usual challenges that we face as academics and helping to solve doubts and concerns posed by the attendees.

We think that these events will be of interest and most helpful to Early Career Scholars, PhD students at any stage, and those Master students who might be struggling to get the writing juices flowing as they face the blank page in the hopes of producing their first academic paper.

First meeting of the series, “The Challenges of Academic Writing”

Online event
February 3, 4.30pm (CET, Madrid timezone)
Registration: If you wish to attend this talk, please, send an email to
The link to the session will be sent upon registration closer to the event’s date.
Speaker: Sebastiaan Faber.

Sebastiaan Faber is Professor of Hispanic Studies at Oberlin College. He is the author of, among others, Memory Battles of the Spanish Civil War: History, Fiction, Photography (Vanderbilt, 2018), and Exhuming Franco: Spain’s Second Transition (Vanderbilt, 2021), translated as Franco desenterrado. La segunda Transición española; he is co-editor of Contra el olvido. El exilio español en Estados Unidos (U de Alcalá, 2009) and Transatlantic Studies: Latin America, Iberia, and Africa (Liverpool, 2019). From 2010 until 2015 and 2018-23, he served as the co-Chair and Chair of the Board of Governors of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA). Born and raised in the Netherlands, he has been at Oberlin since 1999.


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